Christine Heitler  |  Austria

  MARKET | online market art fair

An international woman oriented project which has become over the years a great dialogue in which to keep telling stories of contemporary artists from all over the world that have nourished with their experiences and different cultures as well as their art, this weft we’ve been continuing to weave.

From a depticted subject and source of inspiration in history of art, today the women claim their own universe joining an artistic issue aimed to sharing, free from any sexist involvements.

In our latest project entitled “A”, as collateral event of the official pavilion, we’re going to see them involved to the concept of water, which symbolism binds it self intrinsically with the female element. Water is the feminine, it’s deep, its flows are often invisible onto the surface but inside the life is hidden from the external gaze.

The water is ductile, passive, fluid and receptive; it always flows downwards and drags all it finds on its way. Without embankments the water is dispersible but in return it brings the life, the fertility, as the matter of fact, where there’s water there’s life. Water and woman are unpredictable, illogical but unexpectedly creative. The intuition, the instinctually and the sexual energy belong to both woman and water. It’s the story of mysterious and unpredictable souls but strong at the same time, which are able to express themselves through the impetuosity of water.




    1.ARKTIS, 2012 Acrylic mixed media 75x58 cm.   2.BLUE, 2018 Acrylic mixed media 70x70 cm.    3.GUARDIAN ANGEL, 2018 Acrylic mixed media 70X60 cm.    4.GUARDIAN ANGEL, 2018 Acrylic mixed media 70X60 cm.   5.MEADOW, 2012 Acrylic mixed media 80x80 cm.  6.MONTEROSSO, 2018 Acrylic mixed 70x70 cm.   7.O.T., 2018 Acrylic mixed media 70x70 cm.  8.O.T., 2017 Acrylic mixed media 100x80 cm.   9.O.T., 2018 Acrylic mixed media 140x120 cm.  10.SHANGHAI, 2018 Acrylic mixed media 140x120 cm..  11.TSUNAMI, 2018 Acrylic mixed media 60X60 cm.  12.WATER, 2018 Acrylic mixed 80x60 cm.

   1. |  €1800

   2. |  €1200

   3. |  €900

   4. |  €1200
   5. |  €1400    6. |  €1000    7. |  €800     8. |  €1500
   9. |  €1200    10. |  €1200    11. |  €1200     12. |  €900