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Painter and poet
Marianne Charlotte Mylonas-Svikovsky – Geneva

MARLO discovered painting at the age of 12 and she continued throughout her professionnal and family life always with a creative side to whatever she did. She is also a 14 times prized poet, honored with the Medal of Cultural Merit by the CEPAL (Centre pour la Promotion des Arts et des Lettres 2016). She would also perform theatrical readings of her numerous poems or others, accompanied by musicians and organize such readings for litterary societies in Geneva.

Both painting and poetry are the complementary foundations of her art, both based on emotions, techniques, the means to render emotions in images. She paints whatever surges from her inner self either in an all prima intuitive stroke or after long maturation until she captures the spark that brought her to take the brush. It may then be poetic images, story telling abstracts, vibrations through lines and colors and lately emotionally impacting world events spmehow in link with ther life’s experiences.

Having lived in various countries, languages, mentalities, sceneries, their colors, and imagines are embeded in her mind and nurish her expressiveness just as the marking and tragic events in her life have increased her sensitiveness and emotional implacation in her paintings. She completed two years of art studies at UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles) where accent was put on creativity, and later, when living in Rome 4 years, she studied the Italian Renaissance masters and the country’s rich artistic heritage; both combined are the basis of her painting skill . From then on, she continued in her own way, painting and poetry helping her to find the way back to life when tragedies hit her two children until painting took over completely, giving her a new meaningful life , joy and this new conscious passion.
In 2006 Marlo started exhibiting in Switzerland, France, Milano, London and since 2017 she receoves many exhibiting and special events invitations.




    1.Looking at the future, The Mega metropolis. Acrylic on canvas 120x100 cm. Chosen for the World of Art Award Art magazine for the Best in Art and Creativity -Artist of the year 2018.   2.Shakespeare - The curtain is rising on Act 1, Acrylic & Oil on canvas 80x80 cm. Prize Carravaggio 2018.    3.A meteorite fell, Acrylic and oil on canvas 80x60 cm. Prize Julius Cesar Rome 2018.    4.World tensions, Acrylic & oil on canvas 80x60 cm.    5.behind the surface -There is Prize Tiziano 2018, Oil and acrylic on canvas 80x60 cm. Prize Tiziano Venice 2018.  6.In life's jungle finding the way, Oil on canvas 80x60 cm. The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2018 book Berlin 2018.   7.Social media leaking and us, robots being used, Acrylic on canvas 50x50x3 cm.  8.INFERNO - Sexual harassment an Archaism ever present, Oil & acrylic on canvas 80x60cm.   9.Refugees leaving with determination, Acrylic & oil on canvas 80x60 cm.  10.Life's many colors. Oil on canvas 80x60 cm. Chosen for the Milano International Contemporary Art Prize 2017.  11.Walking in the Japanese garden, your lips are on my mind, Acrylic & oil on canvas 90x70x3 cm. Special Prize Milano Art Prize 2017.  12.The Mangrove in Brazil, Acrylic on canvas 120x100x3 cm. Chosen by the Florence Art Biennale 2017.

   1. |  US$ 6200.00.

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   5. |  US$ 3900.00    6. |  US$ 4200.00    7. |  US$ 4500.00     8. |  US$ 6200.00
   9. |  US$ 5500.00    10. |  US$ 5500.00    11. |  US$ 4900.00     12. |  US$ 6.600.00
In the U.S.A. she participated at ArtExpo New York 2017-18-19 with World Wide Art-Artavita Gallery ( at Art Basel Miami Spectrum 2018 and San n Diego Art Fair 2018. Her artworks are in 7 of the Art books, real anthologies of art, by WWAB and also in other Art Books. She was also a finalist in WWAB’s Yearly Art Contest 2018 as well as the same of Circle for the Arts Foundation. With the Artbox Concept she participated at Armory week N.Y., 2018 and was present at Art Basel 2018 with them and to come, Zürich 2019.

In Europe she is invited to the Florence Contemporary Art Biennial 2017-19 and the Venice Contemporary Art Biennial 2017 with It’s Liquid Group. She was present at the International Art Fair at the Carousel du Louvre 2017 and also participated at the Milano Contemporary Art Prize 2017, receiving the «Special prize for New International Artistic Realities» She is among the prize winners in the exhibitions and Art Books and Magazines dedicated and in honor of Andrea Mantegna 2017, Rafaello, 2018, Tiziano, 2018, Julius Cesar, 2018, Carravaggio, 2018, Botticelli, 2019. She is an exibiting prize winning artist presented in the book by Mondadori editors «Artists - Contemporary Art Yearbook 2018», Milano 2019 as wel as in the Yeary Contemporary Modern and Contemporary Artist Art Book 2017 presented in Berlin. She wil will participate as Prize winner at the Barcelona Art Biennial 2019, in honor of Velazquez.

World of Art, Contemporary ARTMAG, London has awarded her «The Best in Art and Creativity Award, MARLO Artist of the Year 2018». From MOT, London she has received 3 Honorary Art Awards of Distinction and figures in MOT’s book «33
Art Professionnals» 2017 and MOT's «33 Artists to Follow» 2019.
Several galleries in Vienna, Chelsea New York, in Italy, Berlin, Rome, Germany, Luxembourg, have shown in 2018 and will show her works in 2019.
Marlo’s works are in private collections and she benefits of the support ofseveral occasional sponsors.

Poetry and painting blog: (250 000 visitors in 13 years) Face book, ArtMajeur. Saachiart online. Artavita Gallery