Country: Italy  
Antonella Iovinella

    1.il dentro e i fuori/ON THE INSIDE AND OUTSIDE, scultura in terracotta refrattaria nera/Sculpture in fireclay black 60x13x10 cm   2.le ali/THE WINGS, olio su masonite/Oil on masonite 100x80 cm    3.la giostra degli spechi/THE CAROUSEL OF MIRRORS, olio su masonite/oil on masonite 100x80 cm   4.vuoto insondabile/VACUUM Unfathomable, scultura in terracotta patinata/glazed terracotta sculpture 40x40x30 cm   5.una nuova vita/NEW LIFE, terracota patinata/glazed terracotta sculpture 50x27x29 cm    6.oltre il mio tempo/OVER MY TIME, scultura in terracotta refrattaria bianco/white glazed terracotta sculpture 45x60x33 cm 



THE SONG OF COLOR. The color of Antonella Iovinella has it the color sings a melody that alternates with acounterpoint to the whisper that gave rise to an acute severe then change the toneand modulates singing with fast and rapid trilling passages Vituosi almost to want to imitate the flickering trill of the nightingale. The color spreads the clear spring water dell'aurale voice of a different register and then move again from the grave and gentle tone without giving up the autonomy of a golden glaze. Yes it just so a real nice clear colors in painting sung extremely well balanced in tone as the geometric shapes that do not lose the primary emotion in spite of the research teams and co rows of a flatform even if a face and a circle and where Antonella Iovinella engages her nasty. Nothing to do with Cubism nothing to do with the culture of metaphysics his view cause Iovinella always within the increasingly warm man when track irregular squaresand triangles overlapping in grafts that are not in the canonical geometry but from his imagination rather to want to be precise born in his dreams but that does not mean apainting surrealista. Ed then you do not know where to start for this song that the chromatic in harmony with the forms that unfolds in subdued tones of gentle and elegant range of gray to go to the chrome yellow and orange rose from Naples to the fabled lands made​​by the whites all traversed by a taste of how serious and that vermilion place seemsto cut the picture but redeems bass in quick succession by a note to a real increase as the ring of a canarino. Entro out and do this color Antonella Iovinella sings its harmony its poetry. The dream embraces you when you admire the surreal fantasies constructed through a balance that is yielded by the construction of geometric shapes but instead were born within a bed of a feeling that draws on the memories and the daily newspaper. A rare sense of full and empty. Compositions which always involve the man inalienable presence of any action of the soul that becomes poetic painting. Prof GENNARO BORRELLI





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