Country: Colombia  
Beatriz Gomez de Moreno

    1.MAR DE SAN ANDReS COLOMBIA/SEA OF SAN ANDRES, 2007 Oil on canvas 46x66 cm us$ 2.000   2.TRAPICHE ANTIOQUIA SUGAR MILL, 1997 Oil on canvas 46x66 cm us$ 3.000   3.RiO LA MIEL CALDAS/HONEY RIVER, Oil on canvas 68x92 cm us$ 4.000   4.NIEBLA EN LAS MONTAnAS/FOG ON THE MOUNTAINS, Oil on canvas 68x92 cm us$ 4.000   5.PALMAS DE CERA QUINDiO/WAX PALMS, Oil on canvas 50x120 cm us$ 5.000   6.BLANCAS MARGARITAS/WHITE DAISIES, Oil on canvas 28.5X37.5 cm us$ 1.200  



The Savannah Landscapes of Triz Go Beatriz Gomez have as main objective to produce aesthetic pleasure and are expressive and creative. The first exhibition of Beatriz Gomez took place at the Museum of her father Ricardo Gomez Campuzano Grand Master of landscapes who guided her in her first artistic steps. She has a rich variety of inspiration knows feels and reflects the nature with great sense of poetry/Hans Ungar. The landscape as a means of artistic expression had a short story and quite whimsical in Western art at the time of the Parthenon or the Cathedral of Chartres landscape painting could not exist or have existed. They were critical moments in the history of Western art was the discovery of man and its relationship to all things. Only in the seventeenth century the great artists are turning to nature and devote themselves to landscape painting of the things happening to impressions. This tradition comes to Colombia in the nineteenth Century and Colombian artists dedicated part of their work to drawing and painting portraits and landscapes trying to identify it symbolically. This movement reached early in this century and finished with Ricardo Gomez Campuzano who for a long period paints portraits of society and recreates the landscape of Colombia. This tradition is both familiar theme is present in the landscapes of Beatriz Gomez Triz Go emphasizes the use of visual sensations as a mean to achieve his artistic conception of nature her landscapes are a song of love of creation and they manifest through the nostalgia and the urgency of identifying symbols in a deteriorating nature/Hernando Gonzales Arrazola. Travels with his canvas and palette different regions of our country takes sketches that are the subjects that inspire her work. Those are seeking the light and color of brief moments that are kept only in memory. She has exhibited her work at home and abroad. She began her apprenticeship with her father Master Ricardo Gomez Campuzano has toured the classrooms of House Museum Ricardo Gomez Campuzano Painting at Workshop Fernando Davila Arts Program University of Los Andes and Athena Art Studio in Bogota. Previously she studied Bacteriology in Toronto Canada piano and composition at the Conservatory of Music National University of Colombia at Bogota. She has been training in Computer science in order to systematize the information of her research program Angela Mariumana. The persistence of scholarship over time naturalist and regardless of developments trends and the various commitments of the art of our time in contemporary cultural issues. The classic and very popular concept of art as an imitation of things seen and represented objectively in the canvas paint if it is yet to be the most readable and easily comparable with the outside world which explains the continued presence of naturalistic realism in art which are good examples landscapes Beatriz Gomez Moreno/Gil Francisco Tovar.




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