Country: Norway  
Hanna Boyesen

    1. The strong plant, 2007 Recycled paper waste from household 8.5x23 cm euro 350   2.Stone in the garden, 2007 Video   3.Len deg ikke mot en vaklende mur/Do not lean against a crumbling wall, 2007 Recycled paper waste from household ca 41x96 cm euro 600   4.Den gale veien er ikke riktig selv om mange gar den/The wrong way is not correct even though many walks it, 2007 Recycled paper waste from household   5.Recycled, 2006 Recycled Christmas paper ca 250x450 cm euro 4000   6.365 days, 2008 Recycled paper waste from household ca 150x150x300 cm I would like to donate this work to a museum which is interested  



Every Norwegian throws waste more than 414 kg in the course of a year. 280 kg is consisting of paper, cardboard and beverage cartons. Row materials from 14 well-grown trees become 1 ton of wastepaper. Norwegians live in a consumer society where high consumption of paper and packaging becomes quantity of waste. Major use-and discard mentality in many countries is among many causes of climate change and natural disasters according to IPCC. Floods, tsunamis, droughts and storms become part of our everyday lives. Starting point for my art is a reaction to the theme of this development. My artworks have a political connection to the environment and conservation of nature. I recycle paper waste that is molded into different shapes. Paper combined with text or proverbs consists mostly in my works, presented in different types of installations. What kind of relationship has our Western society of nature today? My impression is that the general attitude of society has changed considerably from what it was before the industrial revolution. Have trees lost their value? In an article published by Folkevett they described the forest in Norway to consist of under half percent of primeval forest, untouched by human intervention. Most of the forest in Norway is culture forest, which is characterized by a lot of cutting and planting of trees. In industrial forestry they leave monotonous fields where all the trees are of the same age. In culture forests economically speaking the tree felling is favorably matured around 80 years of age. After harvesting, nature will need hundreds of years to become fully restored with a natural diversity in nature. The destruction of forests is the main driving force behind increasing consumption of wood products, especially paper. In Norway forest industry exports large quantities of newsprint and other wood products to Europe, in addition to consumption at home. My works is intended to facilitate a focus on people’s excess paper consumption. There is still need for paper in everyday life, but it can be much more restricted. However I try to show how difficult it is choosing to stand against society. Too many debates and other media coverages of environmental crises and climate change in recent years may make the viewer indifferent. By performing artworks with a political undertone I ask myself a question about the spectators ability to make own reflections.




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