Country:  Switzerland  
Heinz Allemann

    1.Spiral nebula series 2008   2.Spiral nebula series 2008   3.Spiral nebula series 2008   4.No title 2011 Computer Graphics printed on canvas 210x135 cm gb£ 3200   5.No title 2011 Computer Graphics printed on canvas 210x166 cm gb£ 3200   6.No title 2011 Computer Graphics printed on canvas 210x141,5 cm gb£ 3200   7.No Title 2011 Computer Graphic printed on canvas 210x178,5 cm gb£ 3200  



My art is like the roots of a tree. A tree does not look the same in the spring as it does in the winter. In the spring the tree looks full of details and classical in the winter rather abstract because of the snow. One does not know exactly what a rose will look like when it is planted. The form and the exact color. I think it is important for an artist to think about nature and see how nature creates. Sometimes I like to paint with oil andother times with watercolor. At times I ike to go outside in nature and paint a landscape or draw. Other days I make original hand pulled prints or digital work. I live in a universal art chaos surrounded by color implements. There is nothing which I have not tried out yet with all the different colors and mixing techniques and my moods. Heinz Allemann was born on the 29 September 1955 in Klus Balsthal Switzerland as a son of a metalworker from the von Roll AG in Klus. After a education in book printing offset printing and computer form printing from 1970-1975 he joined art lessons in the Art school of Berne Switzerland. After his first solo exhibition in 1977 in Berne with constructivist collages he turned to painting. By the learned professional book printer arisen mostly collaged works on paper which he then painted over. 1978 he emigrated to Canada and made his first group exhibitions with mixed media techniques. After returning in 1983 to Switzerland he joines the Solothurn art scene in Switzerland. 1990 he is appointed as a assistant and student by
Prof Franz Eggenschwiler in Eriswil Switzerland. Through the years of cooperation until 1997 Heinz Allemann
received a master printer of F.E. Since the founding of an art Foundation in Eriswil he is a member of the board and helps in the realization of exhibitions. Sience 2000 Heinz Allemann is working with digital techniques and participated in countless online exhibitions.





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