Country: Australia  
Miriam Cabello

    1.Darko, oil on linen   2.garrett, oil on linen   3.jermaine, oil on linen   4.golden boy, oil on linen   5.White Rope III, 2010 Old Holland Oil on Belgian Linen 120x140 cm National Art Museum of Sport Indianapolis USA
Finalist and selected to exhibit Commitment to Excellence in ART and SPORT A Fine Art Competition
   6.Ringside, 2010 Old Holland Oil on Belgian Linen 82x92 cm  



My subjects surrender their power to the viewer and invite my luminous, layered strokes to echo their thoughts. White Rope:
Cabello’s series of boxers, painted in oils on linen, show luminous torsos woven into a grid of gestural drips. She uses an edited palette of primary colours to engage the viewer and let them step into the subjects’ sanctuary. By painting the colour temperature of her subjects she shares their resolve and journey. It is in this private place where the poignancy of each mans gaze is felt. Her paintings are created using glazed transparent layers applied in an innovative, layered technique that she has developed over the years. Cabello becomes completely immersed in the piece and its evolution, as once the colour is applied it stays. Painting in this tiering technique allows for the luminosity of each layer to shine. From the woven veins of white to the heat of foreground red – inviting observation and consideration of the raw, gestural strokes that inhabit each piece. The series explores the robust male and how society has created and disarmed him. The focus is on the individual and, like Michelangelo’s David; physicality does not make the task ahead less daunting. Cabello’s emotive paintings explore the spectrum of her boxers’ story from the initiated to the robust. She contributes to the dialogue of the male image in art, while her subjects determine their white rope.





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