Country: France  
Nadia Viguier

    1.Cafe de Flore bd St Germain Paris, 2009 acrylic on canvas 25x34 cm euro 2500   2.Cliffs of Normandy, 2009 acrylic 40x50 cm euro 1500   3.Heavenly night, acrylic 25x30 cm euro 2300   4.Once upon a time..., 2010 acrylic euro 2600   5.The traveller Egypt, 2009 pastels 28x37 cm euro 1600   6.The color dyke Anglet beach France, 2011 acrylic 30x40 cm euro 2300   7.This country is mine french Alps, 2009 acrylic 30x40 cm euro 2200   8.I, 2009 acrylic 40x40 cm euro 2100   9.The driveway of the parc Noisiel France, 2011 acrylic on wood euro 2300   10.The beyond czech mountain, 2009 oil on canvas 40x30 cm euro 2100



One sees clearly only with the heart the essential is invisible to the eyes. Antoine de St. Exupery
Czech born self taught I started with portraits at the age of 15. Life was my Academy. Four years ago I realized it was painting my present and future. I started visiting exhibitions and attending workshops in Paris. I've read a lot and documented on the painters I admire Leonardo da Vinci Michelangelo Buonarotti Velazquez Rembrandt Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun Turner Courbet Eugene Boudin Lhermitte. And specially the Impressionists Manet Monet Degas Renoir Bazille Caillebotte Cezanne Van Gogh Sisley Pissarro Berthe Morizot well and Mary Cassat. Eugene Carriere’s chiaroscuro paintings intriguing. Nature is my main inspiration. In my paintings I express what I can not say with words. I would like to share my emotions. Exhibitions 2008/2011 Galery Ostrov Prague 2009 Galery Art Present Paris  City Hall of Prague solo exhibition City Hall of Emerainville Artist’s traces France 2010 Abbaye de Ferrieres en Gatinais France Salon d’Automne Villecresnes France 2011 Chelles France City of the space Toulouse France





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