Country: Belgium  
Roland Menten

    1.I am coming 1/1, composite 50x23 cm euro 650    2.Conversation 1/1, composite 20x25 cm euro 350    3.Rock me baby 1/1, composite 20x30 cm euro 600    4.Table for two 2/5, stone bronze old silver plated 20x15 cm euro 750    5.The tower 1/1, composite 25x60 cm euro 790    6.Miss World 1/1, stone bronze 1/1 20x40 cm euro 1450     www.rolandmenten.be 



ďArt of de hurrying.Ē Art with a humoristic touch that is often in contradiction with the stressed and perfectionist current society.
Snails by Roland Menten
A snail is a small soft creature that moves very slowly and has a hard Shell on his back. He really admire the way it behaves and he is trying to understand the causes of this social behaviour. A snailís slowness is an example to us all weíre always in a great hurry we canít live in the present the present is burdened too much with the past. It is never our object. The past and the present we use as means. The future only is our end thus we never live we only hope to live. Our grand business is not to see what clearly lies at hand. Letís write it in our heart that every day is the best day of the year. He believes that a snail takes the time to enjoy the present that it banishes the future that it lives only for the hour and its allotted work that it not thinks of the difficulties to be overcome or the end to be obtained but that it sets earnestly at its little task letting that be sufficient for the day. Let us have our earthly existence to appreciate whatís warm with life and immediately around us.
Thatís why a little snail can be so a great example for an artist.
Rene Bouts Philosopher





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