Country: Germany  
Galina Kapitan ●

    1.Blues, painting, acrylic 80x80 cm., Euro 800.00     2.Evening in Hannover, painting, acrylic 70x50 cm., Price: by agreement   3.Jazz, painting, acrylic 80x100 cm., Euro 1,400.00   4.New York, painting, acrylic 70x100 cm., Euro 1,400.00  5.Saxophonist, painting, acrylic 100x70 cm., Euro 1,200.00   6.Visual Imagination, painting, acrylic 50x50 cm., Price: by agreement   7.In a Atelie, painting, acrylic 70x50 cm., Euro 400.00   8.Reclining Woman, painting, acrylic 50x100 cm., Euro 1,000.00   9.Collage, mixed media 60x40cm., Price: by agreement


Artist Statement

Galina Kapitan attended the art school in Kiev and studied at the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. She has worked as a painter in the department "monumental - decorative art" and a participant in the movie theater "Krakow" .

In recent years, she has participated in several international exhibitions namely in Kiev , Moscow, Krakow, Canada, Italy, Germany and many more. Her paintings are in private collections in Poland, Hungary, Germany, Israel, Italy, Holland.


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