Country: Mexico  
Kiki Kaye

    1.Beyond Time, mixed media and acrylic on canvas 24x28 in., $1500   2.Dynamic, mixed media and oil on canvas 39x35 in., $2400   3.Electronic Journey, oil on canvas 36x53 in., $3600  4.Golden Era, acrylic on canvas 39x47 in., $3200   5.Led Light, mixed media and acrylic on canvas 55x25 in., $1400   6.Shop online, oil on linen 44x36 in., $2200   7.The Plan, oil on canvas 72x63 in., $6000   8.Wireless, oil on linen 39x39 in., $2400   9.Stand Up for your right, oil on linen 39x39 in., $3800

 KiKi Kaye is German artist who was born in Shanghai China. She spent her early life in Düsseldorf Germany, where she finished her (Gymnasium) High school. Since then she has lead a very international life, living in Monte Carlo/Monaco, Scottsdale / Arizona and now, in Ajijic, Mexico, while also traveling to many other places.

As a young woman she worked as a model, starting her career in New York City. Her career quickly evolved and she soon moved back to Germany to become the country leading Model. Modeling created a flood of opportunity to travel all over the world, which exposed Kiki to many different cultures. Being both curious and sensitive she took every opportunity to explore the visual culture of the places she travelled to, and it was these vastly different experiences and cultural influences that would evolve into her lifelong passion for art and impact her own budding artistic career. It helped make her the unique artist she is today.

Kiki Kaye started drawing as a child; it was one of her favorite pass-times. Once she started drawing, she really never stopped. It became part of her daily life and a way she expressed herself. 1981when she was a little older and still travelling around the world, she took the opportunity to study with internationally acclaimed artists whenever possible. She worked with Jim Strong and Lu Bellamack in the United States; she was mentored by Theresa Pissani Winkelman in the United Kingdom and she studied with Ernst Bruzek in Austria to name a few. She joined workshops wherever she stayed. Aside from using workshops as a means to expand her artistic knowledge, she also studied for two intensive years at the Art Instruction School in Minneapolis, where she was awarded the prestigious Blue Ribbon.

KiKi Kaye artistic explorations have touched on many different mediums and ideas. She began with drawing as her base, eventually building on those skills by gaining expertise in realistic oil painting. During another chapter in KiKi's artistic life she acquired the skill of cartooning. Kiki invented her own cartoon called "The Zoomy Family", they are balloon characters; a family living in the clouds. There enemies are called the “Polluters" they also lived in the sky. After publishing 2 books about their high altitude adventures Kiki felt inspired to change her mode of expression again, and she returned to painting. She fully embraced her imagination and jumped into Abstract paintings. She slowly started introducing different materials to her practice and her paintings became combines mixture of painting and sculpture in which she would attach electronic technology components to paintings. She also started exploring narrative painting about the future. And finally figurative sculpture was added to her practice making Kiki Kaye practice a truly dynamic one.

Kiki Kaye is aware of the ubiquitous nature of electronics and our co-dependent relationship with technology. She can not help but wonder how radically our lives will change in the near and distant future as technology makes exponential leaps forward.
KiKi Kaye was recently honored with 4 Ribbons by "American Art Awards"

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