Country: Schwitzerland  
Margaretha Gubernale   ●

    1.The Beauty and the Beast, oil on canvas 80x100 cm., euro 2400   2.Blessings on all Peoples, oil on canvas and mixed media 60x60 cm., Euro 1800   3.Yin und Yang, oil on canvas 100x100 cm., euro 2400  4.SThe Spiral of Backward and Forwardspeed, oil on canvas 80x100 cm., euro 2400   5.The Spiral of Backward and Forwardspeed, oil on canvas 80x100 cm., euro 2400
Power of inner Fire, 2018 mixed media 60x60 cm., Euro 1800
6.Building Material, , oil on canvas 60x60 cm., euro 1800  7.To set a Goal, oil on canvas 100x100 cm., euro 2400   8.Holy Forest with Yggdrasil, oil on canvas 80x100 cm., euro 2400    9.All in All, oil on canvas 80x100 cm., euro 240o  10.Fire of God, oil on canvas 80x100 cm., euro 2400   11.Monstrance of Quantum Leap, oil on canvas 80x100 cm., euro 2400    12.The Ash, 2013 oil on canvas 100x100 cm., euro 2400


The most of mystic pictures of Margaretha Gubernale are painted in oil on canvas. The source of her inspiration are the nature and philosophy and anthroposophy.She works nearly 30 years as an international artist. She was born 9.6.1941 in Switzerland and lives in Switzerland and Italy. She speaks German, French, English and Italian.

Magic and Symbolism in the Art written by Margaretha Gubernale
An Anthroposophist succeeds it most likely to define the nature of art, if he understands the thread should be noted, which more or less runs through the historical development. The mystical, to the divine-oriented symbolism of the upper paleolithic of homo sapiens leads, gradually perfecting, to culminate via detours in the modern mystical symbolism, in order for magic, overmathematical laws . Such an art expert souls divested the true face of the art, in particular how artists strive in a different way to the same reveling, namely to the Akasha or the divine cosmos. That‘s why postmodern artists integrate in their thinking every religion, every race and each origin, because what they want, over the human mind is located. They are therefore particularly strong attracted in the direction symbolism, because their allegorical language allows them to grope into the unknown and channel the taste of the untouchables, not comprehensible, in the finiteness. The art of the future emphasizes even the original, targeted value from the archaic past in which for the time first entered the spiritual element in the matter and later the Divine in the people forced their way. The symbolism brought him through the parabled expression in physical and figurative form large cultural merits. Same time it programmed the value of the future in a full immersion in the divine. Symbolism guides as magic on a staircase to the universe, which doesn‘t exclude the material way, but rather includes, as well as the idea of a staircase never only mentally can be. The former vague idea must be readable and plastically manifest. It is the magical language in the art, the Jod-He-Vau-He , the word through all five senses, which the human being by his four poles picks up, namely as the water in the feeling, as air in the intellect, as the earth in the body and in the self- consciousness by the symbolism as a fire, which is the original element and also will be the last under the all-embracing Akasha.




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