Country: Israel  
Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman  ●

    1.DAVID AND BATSHEVA, three dimensional glass fusion, mixed media on glass 40x40 cm., US$ 4,000.00   2.HAWAIIAN VACATION, three dimensional glass fusion, wood, sculpture, mixed media on canvas 120x90 cm., US$ 6,000.00  3.MEXICO, three dimensional glass fusion, textile, sculpture, mixed media 60x49 cm., US$ 3,700.00   4.MOTHER AND CHILD, pastel and ink on paper 49x69 cm., US$ 5,500.00   5.THE APPLE, pastel/ink on paper 59x44 cm., US$ 3,500.00   6.THE BAND, oil pastel / ink on paper 70x49 cm., US$ 3,200.00   7.THE COUPLE, pastel, water color, mixed media on paper 69x49 cm., US$ 2,500.00   8.THE MUSICIANS, oil pastel on paper, ink 70x49 cm., US$ 3,200.00   9.THE WINDOW, three dimensional glass fusion, mixed media on glass 40x40 cm., US$ 6,000.00


Kiev, Budapest ,Torino, Milano, Mexico City, Haifa, New York, Daytona Beach. Citizen of the world, Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman centers her oeuvre in an international landscape, that posits powerful universal reality surviving the temporal and the local. Arman's images mask the details of her life, even as they showcase the passion and energy of her life essence. Many works incorporate glass, adding multi-dimensionality, depth and color, texture, and luminosity. Forms extend beyond the surface and holographs reflect, refract, multiply, change perspectives and map the interior/exterior dialectic of a psychologically skewed performance. Arman's work is a significant contribution to Art. Her idiosyncratic techniques combine painting, drawing, collage, bas relief and sculpture, using paint and pastels, found objects; Glass Fusion is her signature technique. Glass on canvas; glass on glass. Technical skills, spiritual content, rich colors define her works. Feel the drama. Submit to the exorcism.


Nancy Quartin Rosen,

Executive Director of the Florida /Israel Institute


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