Country: Germany  
Dr. Peter Hartel ●

    1.Nr. 346, Watercolor 61x46 cm., 420.00    2.LILLYBY 2, oil on canvas 155x154 cm., 3.700.00   3.ENDSPIEL | Finale Game, oil on canvas 170x200 cm., 6,100.00   4.NO LANDSCAPE, oil on canvas 150x120 cm., 4,280.00   5.AIDA, oil on canvas 140x120 cm., 3,400.00   6.NOT IN WIMBELDON, oil on canvas 150x120 cm., 4,280.00



After graduating on highschool in 1959 with a final bad grade in Art Education Dr. P. Hartel decided to study medicine. In 1965 he passed hes doctorate with "magna cum laude". Then by 1999 he started practicing as a radiologist with hes private office. Since 1959 he worked consistently in arts. First in Japanese ink, then water-based, acrylic, and since 1998 in oil. In 1998 Dr. P. H. founded the Academy "Sarbocar" together with Mike Keilbach a fellow artist who also lives in Munich. In 2002 Dr. P. H. became a member of the artclass of Sean Scully at the Academy of Art in Munich, thereby he graduated in 2007. Since 1980 numerous single and group exhibitions.

Ego pingere ergo sum

Since my youth, is painting my best way for meditation. In the beginnings, I painted Figurative and landscapes but Unfortunately, the expressionists covered everything. Only abstract painting can create anew and unique. My painting style is not conceptually but intuitive. Ornamental ore figurative elements are left to the current intution, situation, and subject matter. The viewer finds he`s reflective, and individual dialogue with the Painting, while viewing it. The psychological effect is compareable with "Rorschach".


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