Country: South Korea  
Young Ae Yi  ●

    1.Garden Of Thoughts, trace I, mixed media on canvas 52.5x75.5 cm., US$ 3,000.00    2.Garden Of The Myth 1313, acrylic on canvas 45.5x53 cm., US$ 1,500.00   3.Garden of thoughts 1213, mixed media on Korean paper 120x180 cm., US$ 7,000.00   4.Happy messenger XII, mixed media on canvas 130x180 cm., US$ 7,000.00   5.Beyond window. Did you see the horse?, mixed media on Korean paper 90x120 cm., US$ 4,500.00   6.Happy Messenger, acrylic-on-canvas 120x180 cm., US$ 7,000.00   7.Happy messenger Hug, acrylic on canvas 53x45.5 cm., US$ 1,800.00   8.visual 1, acrylic on canvas 40x40 cm., US$ 1,800.00   9.Visual 2, acrylic on canvas 2,40x40 cm., US$ 1,800.00


Artist Statement

I was born in Seoul and live at Bupyung, South Korea. I have had 10 personal exhibitions between South Korea, Japan, USA and France and 54 group show and art fair participations in South Korea, China, japan, USA, UK and the Grand Palais in Paris, France. My works belong to private and public collections internationally and member of Amitiés internationals André Marlaux and ADAGP.

In ancient Greek myth, god named Hermes is a guardian for travelers, and a messenger for urgent messages. I want the horses in my work to become a messenger for healing that comfort and heal wounded hearts. I want to send the warm message of comfort, love and happiness to people suffering from pain: the message that we can hope and dream no matter how painful the life is.


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