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  JURIED ONLINE Annual of Contemporary Art 2010


Country: Australia  
John Alcock

    1.The essence of being, acrylic on canvas 1.2x1 m AUS$ 1800    2.Aussie wildflowers in summer, Acrylic on canvas 1.2x2 m AUS$ 2500    3.Personalities in profile, acrylic on canvas 3x90x60 cm AUS$ 1600    4.The fracturing of time, acrylic on canvas 1x1 m AUS$ 1800    5.decay of time, acrylic on canvas 75x60 cm aus$ 500    6.Native frangi-pani in the rain forest 90x60 cm aus$ 500   

I am environmental expressionist with unique style.I was brought up in the small Mallee town of Walpeup in the state of Victoria.Were i was blessed with a great respect and love of the Australian bush  native landscape though my fathers love of the same. I feel a strong connection with rhythms of nature and the universe . When i was young i was introduced to the impressionists eg: Van Gogh with his ability create perspective through the use of raw colour and to connect with nature and the incredible raw emotion in his work,later i be came aware of Piet Monition with his use of pure colour and the landscape broken down areas of pure space and areas of balanced colour. Then i saw the contemporary studio artist Klaus Moje ,i was greatly impressed by breath taking use and control of colour with in the space. Many of my later works are landscapes, as to within or looking from above. Good art is a window to the soul of the artist a reflection of the true inner self .It sought to be a reflection community values or a reflection on these values . For the observer the work should touch the soul and reflect on ones values; any further information can be found on www.




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