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  JURIED ONLINE Annual of Contemporary Art 20


Country: USA  
Wayne Salvatore

    1.Twilight Zone, 2010 Acrylic 30x40 in us$ 5000    2.Emerald Bay, 2010 Acrylic 30x40 in us$ 5000    3.In a Jitney with Copernicus, 2006 Acrylic 48x60 in us$ 25000     4.Burning Bush, 2010 Acrylic 18x24 in us$ 5000    5.Strange Fruit, 2006 Acrylic 48x60 in us$ 10000    6.Green Bay, 2010 Acrylic 18x24 in us$ 5000  

Art has always been a big part of his life and in 2004 he was stuck with a dilemma. He had bought over 24 quarts of paint from the local Kelly-Moore paint store. Rather than waste the paint, he decided to buy some large canvases and put the paint to use. His first tries were very satisfactory and so he began. The next few years were spent painting on his own to create large abstract expressionist pieces. He studied the likes of Pollock, Twombly, Motherwell, Krasner and Mitchell. This absorption gave him a basic understanding of the principles of light and color. Naturally he built upon his work in color photography. Currently he produces work, often densely layered, but always highly energized. "I use color and paint to express my response to everything: nature, music, dogs, travel, happenings, etc. Sometimes an image flashes into view and I can't relax until I recreate it, not even just the image, but also the emotions that came with it. I rely on my own instincts to gauge my success. The process is agonizing at times, but when it works, I feel complete elation."






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