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Elisabeth Renard, France



Elisabeth Renard was born in France in 1957. She signs her  paintings B. Dumont Renard and several times BDR. The artist receives her first easel at the age of 16 while she begins to paint under the wise advice of a painter of her region. In 18 years her first exhibitions are made in the Country of Salers in Cantal and in the Castle of Valley in Auvergne. At the end of the 70s she attends class to THE ABC of Paris. During 5 years she experiments diverse techniques. In 1983 she begins to expose in regular way. At the same time she works on the creation of posters labels of wine and for special orders for the State in particular for the various city halls. In 1991 she does a training course of twelve months as illustrator. Her name begins to appear in 1995 in Versailles in an auction. In 1999 she makes her first works in mosaic. In 2000 it is the abstract which holds attention. The artist does not want to remain clamped in a style. She presents this line of cats in numerous personal exhibitions in France and abroad Tokyo Seoul Milan New York Shanghai San Roan make them in Spain. A strong side colourer emerges from it. B. Dumont Renard meets in several private collections and obtains several prizes for its works.








l'air du temp sur le leopard, 2011 acryl et collage sur toile 61x50cm euro 1100
l'air du temp sur l'ocelot, 2011 acryl et collage sur papier 40x21cm euro 500
l'air du temp sur la panthere blanche, 2011 acryl et collage sur bois 80x80cm euro 1800





l'air du temp sur le chat sauvage, 2012 acryl et collage sur papier 35x27cm euro 350

l'air du temp sur le manul, 2010 acryl et collage sur toile 27x22cm euro 250

l'air du temp sur le puma, 2010 acryl et collage sur toile 46x38cm euro 1100