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Country: Mexico  
Diciembre Aguilar

   1.The observer, Kinetic art Object / Collage/Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts 2002.    2.Curiosity, 450 bells Installation / ARTIADE / Olympics of Visual Arts 2004.    3.Mirage of Love, Words and Apple Installation / Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts.    4.Skin Of Skins, Visual and Intellectual Testimony of how some humans perceive their soul and skin at the begginig of the 21st century / 169 text and photos selected from a international call. BAC04






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Diciembre Aguilar is truly a multidisciplinary artist. With a degree in studio arts, film and photography from Harvard University, Aguilar's talent also extends to the fields of installation art and poetry. Her poetry has been published by the International Society of Poets in several collective publications, and recently she was selected by the international jury of Artiade as a cultural ambassador of art for Mexico in the ARTIADE/Olympics of Visual Arts during the Olympic games in Athens. Aguilar has also won numerous prizes in Mexico and the United States for her works of art. Most of her work is intended to stimulate viewers by engaging them in a complex sensory and perceptual way. Diciembre's goal is to keep exploring and researching how different elements in the mass media and in the variety of arts, such as colors, sounds, scents, textures, words, and forms, trigger different human behaviors.