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Country: Australia  
Sandra O’Dea

    1.Cornered, 2005 Digital Print on canvas 80x60 in., £750     2.Wall of Angels I, 2005 Digital Print on canvas 80x60 in., £750     3.Torso, 2005 Digital Print on canvas 30x60 in., £550     4.Wall of Angels II, 2005 Digital Print on canvas 80x60 in., £750






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I am a contemporary sculptor working with alternative materials in an installation-based practice. My current method of working centres on ephemeral materials such as tissue paper and white plastic shopping bags, which I reshape and use as building material for the sculptures I make. The forms are subject to the feminine realm, in the shape of empty hung torsos, that I reinvent with the materials I use. The mass of angelic forms I have recently created cluster together to form a new body or relief sculpture. I see them as joining to create a chaotic but united shape. I invite my viewer to participate in the work by bringing his or her own interpretation to the work.
My philosophy falls within a poststructuralist feminist framework. I deal with the construction of femininity and the effect this has on us within society. The issues I raise are controversial and frank. The relevance of my work within a social context serves to confront issues of feminine construction and the psychological consequences this has on the individual within society today. Women now more than ever feel compelled to be perfect ageless timeless beauties that oscillate between star struck virgins and whores. This work is about finding one place in society by reconstructing the feminine persona.