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Country: France  
Dee Bullmann 

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    1.Lost at Sea /Exodus 3, Acrylic on Linen 45.5x60.5 cm.   2.MOSTERS AT SEA Acrylic on Paper 50x70 cm.     3.Arrival on the Promise Land / Paradise Island, Acrylic On Linen 62x46 cm.     4.HOLY CITY, oil on LINEN 60X45 CM.    5.Prisoners /Exodus 2, Acrylic on Linen 44.5x61.5 cm.   6.Refuge In the Cave, Acrylic on Linen 45x60 cm.   7.The Exodus, Acrylic On canvas 29.5x42 cm.    8.The Promised Land / The Paradise 2, Acrylic On Canvas 50x70 cm.    9.THE THEATER, oil on LINEN 60X44 CM.

I am a contemporary Artist, Painter and Illustrator. I use acrylic on canvas, and on paper. I prefer acrylic because its easy to use, its bright , and it dries up very fast. My subjects are Abstract, Landscapes, Figurative, Floral, Marine Life, and Art Brut. I am currently exhibiting a range of very large contemporary acrylic abstract, floral, marine life in beautiful bright colors, red, blue, green, pink, yellow and orange. My work is for sale and to commission, they are all affordable. All my work are original works of art. They are all one of a kind, no duplicates.

About Me
I am an American Artist, I have been creating Art for 6 years. I attended the Beaux-Art Academy in France. I have Exposed my Art in France and Italy.

Points of Views

Even though my work is precious to me and peoples points of view can be critical, destructive and hurtful, it can also be motivating, positive and rewarding so I feel that I should share other peoples comments with you.

" Dee has managed to capture glimpses of her inner mind and bring them to life before they are lost forever. Courageous and bold is what I see " - Dale

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