Country: New Zealand  
Ruth Stirnimann

    1.COSMIC FIRE, acrylic on canvas 140x100 cm, Euro 5100   2.GEOMETRIC WITH WHITE II, acrylic on canvas 100x100 cm, Euro 5200    3.LA LUNA, acrylic on canvas 100 cm diameter, euro 4900    4.MENTAL AGILITY, acrylic on canvas 100x100 cm, Euro 7200   5.MENTAL LIBERATION, acrylic on canvas 100X140 cm, Euro 7500   6.NEW LIFE, acrylic on canvas 80 cm diameter, Euro 3500   7.QUANTUM EXPERIENCE - Hexagon, acrylic on canvas 96 cm diameter (or 96x83 cm), Euro 6500   8.TRANSCENDENCE, acrylic on canvas 150x100 cm, Euro 6900   9.TRIGON 3, acrylic on canvas 60x60x60 cm, Euro 3100   10.TRIGON 14, acrylic on canvas 100x100x100 cm, Euro 7500   11.TURNING POINT, acrylic on canvas 120x100 cm, Euro 5300  12.UNITING HUMANITY - Hexagon, acrylic on canvas 120 cm diameter, Euro 7500

Ruth Stirnimann’s Art
“The vibrant colours and disciplined designs in Ruth Stirniman’s work evoke images of music. Allegro, vibrato, staccato are adjectives applicable to her work. Her paintings are alive and like all original music comes straight from the heart and soul of her being. This shows in her work and the meticulous, precise way she conveys her feelings.
And like music the memory of her paintings stay alive in one’s consciousness.”
by Jean Laming, painter

CV and thoughts to her paintings
Ruth Stirnimann has been a full-time painter since 2003. Her works have been exhibited internationally in cities such as Christchurch, Buenos Aires, Sydney, New York, Helsinki, Rome, Milan, Soa Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. Her paintings have also been represented at international art fairs such as SCOPE BASEL, BERLINER LISTE, BIENNALE D’ARTE in ROME, ST.ART in STRASBOURG, SPECTRUM MIAMI, USA and ART FAIR SANTA FE, USA. Her works have been published in many international art books.

In December 2013 Ruth won the first prize over 1050 artists in the international art competition in Rome with the topic “La Tua Arte Nel Sociale” and she was awarded in August 2014 at the 6th International Festival of the Arts in Rome with the International Prize of the festival. Her works were honoured in several cities in Europe.

Some of Stirnimann’s works are available as limited edition high quality canvas prints, which offer a beautiful, affordable alternative to her original paintings. Her hand signed canvas prints can be easily rolled, shipped all around the world and be stretched onto a frame at the place of destination.

“All my works are about harmony, beauty, restoring balance within ourselves and our environment. They support expansion of consciousness, transformation and alignment with our core. They promote coherence and connectedness within our body, our heart and brain.
They are one of my contributions to create a more joyful, loving, ever expanding life on earth.” Ruth Stirnimann
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