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Country: Switzerland  
Catherine de Saugy

    1.Inspiration, 2007 MIXED MEDIA 110x110 cm.    2. Hommage a Jean Arp, 2007 MIXED MEDIA 110x110 cm.  3.Magic Lake, 2006 MIXED MEDIA 310x110 cm.     4. Diogene, 2007 MIXED MEDIA 110x110 cm.    5.L'Oiseau de Feu, 2007 MIXED MEDIA 80x100 cm.    6.Blowing, 2006 MIXED MEDIA160x320 cm.  

Following a severe health problem in 2005,  I search a new way to express “ innovative spatial dimensions, new temporal dynamics. » as you so perfectly mentioned about art, Mr. Pagnez, with a technique which could allow me to work even when exhausted to be standing up, breathing the chemicals in my studio. At that time, with a lot of work and patience, I found out the way to make the fusion of my oil-acrylic paintings with the new technologies. I was lucky to get exposure in 2006, both in Lucerne and in Lyon. I am preparing 2 new exhibitions for the end of 2007 : at Vontobel Bank Geneva and at the “Espace Post Finance” in Vevey - Switzerland.
When looking at my work exclusively on acrylic glass panels, please remember that the “white” is transparent, and that a front lighting provides shadows of the painted forms on the walls, giving a sensation of 3D. The “reflexion of the surroundings” is also part of the work. For I noticed many times that a painting sold and seen (by me) on the walls of the collector captured the vibration of the place and is no longer “mine”.






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