online Global Art Annual
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Country: Sweden  
Larz Eldbaage  

    1.COPPER PLATES BENDS, 2002 Acrylic on canvas 82x65 cm. Euro 1.800   

2. FESTIVAL IN THE AIR, 2003 Acrylic on canvas and photo montage 65x82 cm. Euro 1.800    3.AUTUMN IN THE FOREST, 2004 Acrylic on canvas 82x65 cm. Euro 1.800    4.WHY? Memory from the homicide of Anna Lind, Swedish politician, 2005 Oil on canvas  and montage 46x46 x9 cm. Euro 1.200   5.HABITATIONS 2005/2006 Metallic sculpture for Sigtunahem 240x110x90 cm. Sold   6.NOT ONLY A RELIGIOUS SOURCE, 2005 Oil on board and montage: Bible  water tap  brassbow 60x43x19 cm. Euro 2,000    7.The Step, Oil on canvas 63x80 cm.    8.Brain Puzzle, Acrylic on canvas 80x60 cm.    9.On the Way, Oil on canvas 83x63+63 cm. (placed in the corner)    10.The Shopping Centre, Acrylic on canvas 82x61 cm.    11.Sail with the Wind, Iron and Brass 23x20x9 cm. model for sculpture






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