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Country: USA  
Nina Gabriel

    1.The-Path of the Soul, mixed media, price on asking    2.METAMORPHOSIs, mixed media, price on asking  3.Secrets of the Sea, mixed media, price on asking    4.TREASURES OF THE SEA, mixed media, price on asking    5.The Way of Mother Nature, mixed media, price on asking    6.Ocean of Abundance, mixed media, price on asking    7.Passion, mixed media    8.Somewhere Over The, mixed media , price on asking






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Metamorphosis #2
This collage is a continuation of my first collage Metamorphosis #1 which I gave to my brother Grant as a gift, representing a period of changes in my and his life as well life. I did this one on a larger scale. It seemed I would never finish it but one day I knew it was time to complete it. Included in this collage is a butterfly pin that was given to me by best friend who passed away last year and another butterfly that was part of a music box that my father gave me. I still have the box, but without the butterfly – it has found another place for itself. I also assembled an Amethyst raw crystal with metal Crab on it.
Amethyst crystal qualities: Promotes spiritual awareness, removes negative feelings, reduces stress and tension, inspires divine love, dissolves negative environmental energies, rebalances spirit increases intuition. Health benefits: associated with increasing right brain activity and pineal and pituitary function, cleanses the blood, fights acne, neuralgia, and insomnia, balances endocrine system and metabolism, eases headaches and digestive problems.

Metamorphosis: “Our personal metamorphosis happens from the inside out, not from the outside in. To invert from an externalized mind set (arguing belief structures), where we say, “when things change outside of my self than I will change” is to mature into an internal awareness where we take personal responsibility for our spiritual growth and evolutionary experience. It is when we realize we co-create our reality – from the inside out, moment-by-moment. In this internal awareness, we no longer place blame for our misfortune on others or on events occurring in our lives, nor do we wait on blessings to come to pass, for something outside of self to save us. Here we unconditionally embrace our experience, breathe it, integrate it, digest it, and re-express our creative wisdom gained from our integrated experience from a place of inner peace, stillness, and love. This step into the NOW is our opportunity. It is to take responsibility for our evolutionary enfoldment, our spiritual awakening, the return of Christ Consciousness (soul-level awareness) on Earth.” From The Sacred Geometry of Global Change, by Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Scientific research has shown that the butterfly is the only living being capable of changing entirely its generic structure during the process of transformation: the caterpillar’s DNA is totally different from the butterfly’s. Thus, it is the symbol of total transformation. Butterfly represents a need for change and greater freedom, and at this time it represents courage: one requires courage to carry out changes necessary in the process of growth. Its Medicine is related to the air and the mental powers. It teaches us to find clarity in the mental process, to organize projects or to figure out the next step in our internal growth. If butterfly is power Animal or if you feel in any way attracted to it, this means you are ready to undergo some kind of transformation. Examine which stage calls your attention the most: the egg is the beginning, the birth of some project or idea. The larva is decision to manifest something in the physical world. The cocoon has to do with “guiding inside”, either through insight or development of project or idea. The breaking of the cocoon deals with sharing the splendor of your creation with the world. Once you understand the stage you are on, you can discover which is the next step.

Additionally, Butterfly signifies romance, joy and freedom. The key is to move with grace in honor of our inner beauty. In the dream world, butterfly reminds us that someone special will soon enter our inner circle and become a positive influence on our spiritual growth. The lesson of butterfly is to slow down and allow this shift of awareness to happen. To see a butterfly land on you indicates that your transformation will be permanent and very soulful. I hope this collage will bring as much pleasure to you as it has given me while in the making. And, if at any time you will go through your own metamorphosis, it will help you, making the path much brighter, joyful and easier to walk on.

Aquamarine Butterfly
By Aquamarine waters of my Kingdom, Surrounded with splendor of treasures of my creations, In a hard shell of a Crab, I was sitting and contemplating on my Life’s Journey, One day, as the Golden rays of Sun touched the Earth, The silky threads of my cocoon passed through my heart, Thus illuminating my spirit, warming my body and soul. And as the night sky touched the Earth, by the Silver rays of the Moon I was transformed into a Butterfly, Keeping the color of my Kingdom of Aquamarine colors, I spread my wings as far as I could; two Golden threads connected me to Heaven from Earth leading my path. And as I was transformed into a butterfly and given the wings to fly, and fly I did, as far as I could see. On my paths I discovered many places and many souls, Some went along with me, some stayed behind to discover their own paths. My journey is not over yet, it seems that it has just began, once more, And this time around I plan to fly even further, spreading my wings far and wide, travel to different lands sharing the splendor of my creations and gifts with the whole world, Meeting the Souls that are transformed into butterflies as well, This way we may all spread our Sparkles of Love and Light, Illuminating the paths for the rest that plan to follow us, On our Soul’s path of the Llife’s Journeys with Love and Light in our hearts. So you too, if you been transformed into a butterfly as well, Come and join us on our Flight to Freedom through Love, Because this way we can all create beautiful Heaven on Earth And in our hearts were it all began. Nina Gabriel

Sparkles of Love and Light
When you kissed the rose tonight as you never kissed before, and smelled her fragrance you thought it was I, but this time I did not feel your kiss. Did you see the butterfly on that rose, since the butterfly was I while you thought I was the rose? I became a butterfly, so I may fly to the Moon, because my kingdom is in the sky, And as I leave you to tend your our own kingdom here on Earth, Remember, that what I left on that rose were the tears which tell of, love affair not lived on this Earth. So, whenever you see a butterfly, think of me, the one that taught you to fly and touch the Moon. Destiny brought us together just for a moment, where the light of passion was lit, but the choice was to be made; For you to stay here on this Earth and I chose to fly and spread the sparkles of love from the sky for many souls replacing their tears so they may live in love and light, And for you as well to live in your castle with love and light of your own kingdom, since we both understood that you are the man of Earth and I am the woman of the Moon. Nina Gabriel (

“May our walking on earth be gentle as the union of the butterfly and the flower.” Traditional Buddhist Blessing