online Global Art Annual
   25.05.07     25.05.08


Country: UK  
Ninna Thorarinsdottir

    1.Watchlets, 2005, hand stitched, 15 cm. euro  90   2.Paper dresses, 2006, made out of paper (and cinema 4D), body size, euro 1100  3.Dancing Dress, 2007, made out of paper and lykra fabrick and radio control, full size not for sale    4.drawing of a happy monster, 2006, pen and paper and photoshop euro 350    5.Hexagon Dress, 2006    6.Paper dresses, 2006, made out of paper (and cinema 4D), body size, euro 1100     

Hexagon Dress: A dress, (which is made out of 466 hexagons) was printed out and assembled
together hexagon-by-hexagon.
The hexagons are connected together via side flaps, and it is these side flaps which are one of the three pure colors (red, green, or blue). 1 third of the hexagons have red flaps, one third green and the final third blue, and it is these flaps which illuminate the dress; the dress is illuminated by alternating red, green and blue Light Emitting Diodešs (LEDšs) which make the dress change color respectively (as the red light
intensifies the red flaps in the dress, whilst darkening the green and blue, the green light intensifies the green and darkens the red and blue and indeed the blue light intensifies the blue and darkens the red and green) which gives the illusion that the dresses pattern is constantly changing. 





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