online Global Art Annual
   25.05.07     25.05.08


Country: Italy  
Virginio Lini

    1.AIR, WATER, EARTH, FIRE: THE FOUR ELEMENTS, FROM THE THEME THE SENSES, 2006 OIL 220X110 CM.    2.the cardinal red, from the theme freedom horses 2003 oil 80x100 cm.    3.FOUR SEAsONS, FROM THE THEME FREEDOM HORSES, 2003 OIL 180X120 CM.    4.hands, detail, from the theme the world of the social outcats, 2003 oil 70x70 cm.    5.SAINT PAUL, FROM THE THEME THE SENSES, ONE OF FOUR ALTAR PIECES, 2006 OIL 100X230 CM.  6.The PUPPET MASTER , FROM THE THEME THE SENSES, 2005 OIL 70X170 CM.      






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