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Country: Chile  
Alexander Sutulov

    1.Saint George Mural Project, 1998 Giclee on PVC Panel / Mahogany Corporate chair design 220x380x12cm     2.Gasco Energy Sculpture, 2000 oxidized steel, white marble and stone 295x 525x 525cm     3.Study III / Tierra de la Frontera Series, 2004 Giclee on rag paper 60x145cm     4.Dos Flores en Alcántara / first stage, 1996 Giclee on rag paper 75x112cm

In no doubt, part of our paradigm in contemporary times, is our own ability to access information. The diversity of the explicit and implicit has moulded an extremely fertile field of knowledge where visual language and more so, visual thinking has become the corner stone of human communication. To understand the full extension of such phenomena, it can only be limited by our will to restrain the unavoidable. Rather than fear or common alienation experienced through Internet piracy, we must be determined to confront a new world which relies in a new form of thought. This sort of parallel train of thought based on synchronicity, aleatoric and simultaneous episodes, has created a form within a form where our own human existence is constantly moving from a tangible to a virtual reality or visa versa. When we revise civilization through the history of art, a similar experience can be conceived in terms of nourishing our imagination of past cultures in order to precisely understand our own culture. In this respect, all visual disciplines which have engaged digital language have become mere facilitators to enhance the previous. The works presented are some examples of interdisciplinary art which has permeated through digital media. The key element and common denominator is the capability of confluence and dialogue where the notion of transition or image stage has become exacerbated to the extend of revealing the genesis and architecture of visual form.




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