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Country: The Netherlands  
Alexandra Galili [ XELA ]  

    1.Cosmic Dreams, 2001 Oil on Canvas 80x100 cm. Euro 989    2.Contrasts, 2002 Oil on Canvas 60 cm. turnable Euro 656    3.Ohm Flower, 2007 Oil on Canvas 60x80 cm. Euro 989    4.Fire Yin Yang, 2007 Oil on Canvas 40x50 cm.
Euro 454







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Already in my earlier Youth I felt the smoldering ember of my artistic desire, waiting for one breath of air to ignite the passion burning within me. The increasing pressure to compete in the corporate world lead me in July 1995 to Australia from my native Austria. Here amongst the chatter of cicadas and the cry of the Kookaburra the ember ignited. It was the realization of my need to express myself through painting. After my return to Austria it continued and started to burn. My predilection for wild animals I found on the 6months journey in South Africa in 1996/7. There my first exhibitions followed. The urge for new inspiration has brought me in March 2000 in the kaleidoscopic world of Amsterdam where the Yin Yang completed. After a little break in 2003/4 I am now back to new roads. With pride I see myself autodidact with no formal art school influence and express my artistic feelings without compromising style, design or technique. It is my desire that the enthusiasm engendered in my pictures will ignite a flame of passion in the heart of the observer.