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Country: USA  
Catherine Forster

    1.Creep, 2003 Decoy series, pigment ink jet print on canvas, mounted on panel, 36X36 in., US$2000 (limited edition 3).    2.Makeover, 2005 video object, faux vanity mirror installation, 3 screen monitors framed, vanity light bar, 3 5 min looped DVDs, size 24X60X10 in., US$ 10,000 (limited edition 6).    3.On Foot, 2005 Roja Village portraits (series of 30), digital pigment ink jet prints, 15X20 in., US$600.    4.On Foot, installation, poster 26X20 in., 30 posters installed on public buildings in Roja, Latvia, July 2005.    5.Say Cheese, 2004 Decoy series, pigment ink jet print on canvas, mounted on panel, 24X24 in., US$1000 (limited edition 3).    6.Shopping Bag, 2005 video object and installation, includes bag, 5min looped DVD, DVD player, tissue, size 15X16 in., US$ 5000 (limited edition 6).

Puzzles, riddles, word games, quizzical looks, unexplained (and obvious) behaviors, all command my desire to uncover the cause and effect of occurrences. I find nothing more seductive than the process of searching for what underlies a look, a pose, a picture, a headline, or an accidental drop of paint. I choose to work in multiple mediums, because it reflects how I receive and assimilate input. The images reflect 4 bodies of work, for more information please visit my web site





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