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Country: Armenia  
David Kareyan

    1.david kareyan 1, 2006 oil on canvas 95x145 cm.    2.david kareyan 2, 2006 oil on canvas 95x145 cm.    3.david kareyan 3, 2006 oil on canvas 95x145 cm.    4.david kareyan 6, 2006 oil on canvas 95x145cm.    5.David Kareyan B-001, 2004 oil on canvas 145x95cm.    6.David Kareyan C-001, 2004 oil on canvas 145x195cm

I express prohibited desires in my works. These desires transform, are not recognizable, often are not even named and can be perceived as desires, which do not exist. Human desires are social by nature, though we often take them as something beyond the accepted limits.
I am trying to understand the man. Is it possible to live without violence, what is the manís environment? Why canít the culture, being a compensating mechanism, specify those limits where a man will feel in his natural environment? Why does it seem to the man that the forest or the sea is his natural environment? Is it possible for reality to resemble art? I am striving to elicit such questions from the audience, using aesthetic and psychological oppositions.




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