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Country: The Netherlands  
Toyist Dejo

    1.The Joker, 2004 arylic on canvas 16x12 in. / 40x30 cm., Euro 1700    2.The Forbidden City, 2003 arylic on canvas 32x40 in. /80x100 cm., Euro 8.000 (SOLD)     3.The Freakshow, 2003 arylic on canvas 40x60 in. /100x150 cm., Euro11.000 (SOLD)     4.The Gold Digger, 2004 arylic on canvas 20x20 in. / 50x50 cm., Euro 2150






   3.    4.
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Thirteen years ago, three artists united as a group who, lead by Dejo, wanted to react against the established laws of art under the name of the Toyists. Using play as the starting point for a new art genre, they recorded their artistic credo regarding the use of shape and vivid color in a manifesto. The themes are amongst others, derived from toys which can be brought to life in order to play an active role themselves. One beautiful example of this is: cows who want to look like sheep. The fantasy of toys seems to have gone so far that the seasons can even be
linked to music genres such as springtime with Jazz, summer with Classical, autumn with Rock and winter with House music. The exciting play of smooth lines with sharp boundaries, dots and the power of bright contrasting colors, gives the paintings an extremely vivacious character. Existing Toyism philosophies can be retraced in each piece; translated into clear, direct image.
The world of the Toyists consists of fragments and moments; their work is often anecdotal but at the same time willful and rich in fantasy. It is a recognizable world, which nevertheless contains the bizarre within. In Toyism the story line is essential. As everything in art as well as politics and sport revolves around the individual, the Toyists elect to appear in a group and herein for anonymity. Each one has taken on a pseudonym and portrays himself as a cartoon-type figure.
Announcements are made public in the form of printed texts and manifestos without appearing in the media. In the thirteen years or more that the Toyists have existed, not only has the repertoire continued to grow (as can be seen from the series of five publications which have been published since then) but also the number of artists who have joined them. This number is now nine; Sassy, Toescat, Dejo, Jaf’r, Miku, Alfago, Link, Fihi and Blaak. Together they represent the original movement, each adding their own accent to the expression of the ideas. In this way the style continues to undergo an explosion in growth, ensuring that future artists from other countries and cultures who join will make a definite impact on the movement.
A new step has been taken with the ‘Let the Games Begin’ publication and similarly entitled exhibition. Until now, every artist has played an individual game within his own composition.
Now, the compositions have become the starting point for everyone, so that the work of two artists can be combined into one work of art via certain rules of play.