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Country: Israel  
Iris Yeheskel

    1.UNTITLED, 2006 oil on canvas 100X80 cm. US$ 3,800  2.bird, 2006 oil on canvas 100x160 cm. us$  5,700     3.women 2006 oil on canvas 80x120 cm. us$ 4,500 2002 oil on canvas 180X160 cm. US$ 9,000





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The feminine dimension is the central theme of artist Iris Yeheskel's alluring, rigorously conceived and fiercely intelligent paintings. Profound, sensitive feelings are unfolded among the blocks of color, which she enriches with fine brushstrokes of shapes that become mutually intertwined. Projecting substantial evidence of her arduous painting process, her vivid and vigorous paintings often seem to simulate urban surfaces as they appear on a map, as though photographed from a plane hovering in the sky. Occupied with a birdís eye view, her approach suggests her keen devotion to her country of Israel while soaring above the tangible, the daily, to achieve a little piece of paradise from the "Land of Nowhere."