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Country: Finland  
Jari Jarnstrom

    1.I Love Life 1, 2006 acrylic oil and gold leaf on MDF board, euro 1100 2.Mariamix, 2007 acrylic oil and gold leaf on MDF board 40x30 cm. euro 1100     3.tough Guy, 2006 acrylic oil and gold leaf on MDF board 100x85 cm. euro 1650    4.Dream, 2006 acrylic oil and gold leaf on MDF board 40 x 30 cm. euro 1100    5.I Love Life 2, 2006 acrylic oil and gold leaf on MDF board, euro 1650   6.Megamix, 2007 acrylic oil an gold leaf on MDF board 40x30 cm. euro 1100






   3.    4.
   5.    6.

I paint in layers combining acrylic, alkyd, oil colors and gold leaf. The most central topics for my paintings have for long time been people, particularly man. The world of advertisements more and more distinct in my paintings, although the old topics have remained. My work is featured by opposite ideas and themes, as overlapping pictures and layered surfaces. I often start my work by first painting the abstract background with acrylic colors. Then I go on painting in oil colors layer by layer. I want to paint thinly and transparently. The transparent layers of paint lead the spectator deeper into the layered themes and into deeper thoughts over the topic at an abstract level. Several oppositional pairs, like nature - machine, man - animal, reality - myths, can be found in my paintings. Impulses for my paintings come from various directions, like from Renaissance art or Pop art. I have recently used both pictures of people in advertisements in magazines as well as Renaissance portraits as models for my paintings. I have reproduced portraits painted by Leonardo da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli and Jacopo da Pontormo. I have combined, in the very same painting, abstract backgrounds, letters, various signs and imprints with bodies and faces. By all this I want to reflect our time: the superimposition of narrative. My metaphorical language is complex in style as is our collective consciousness. When man lives his life these disconnected engrams pop up into his mind, thus forming his reality. In my work I strive for finding my way above this chaotic everyday life towards sanctity. My pictures bring together the scattered consciousness of human being - my paintings are also mysteries to myself. If one likes to regard my paintings as stories, they are like little stories: dreams, memories, scattered experiences of the life I have lived.