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Country: USA  
Lucien van Oosten

    1.kens Pygmy, Acrylic on canvas 10x10x1 in. us$ 650 Crab, Acrylic on canvas 12x16x1 in. us$ 850    3.talon, pencil drawing Litho print 300 edition size Limited edition  7x8.5 in.  us$ 60    4.Intensity,  pencil drawing Litho print 300 edition size Limited edition  11x14 in.  us$ 50 5.Lionfish1, Acrylic on canvas 18x18x1 in.  us$ 1620    6.hawk, pencil drawing Litho print 300 edition size Limited edition 11x14 in. us$ 50







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These two painting as the Lionfish, painting were done using a technique call layering. I started out with cut in colors and then using varnish media and a slight amount of pigment I created transparent colors. I then took these transparent colors and painted them onto the canvas, in most cases taking the same transparent color and layer them over the previously dried paint and thus creating depth, creates a richness of the color on the image where ever this technique has been applied. I like to be creative in many media. I love drawing in pencil and getting my ideas down in my sketchbook for later reference and use. I draw the same way I paint, by layering. I do not believe in using an eraser, except as a means to clean up the edges of my artwork. I love the freedom that a pencil allows me; I can draw anywhere, while painting is more restrictive. One of my favorite methods of drawing is pointillism. An art professor many years ago made me use this technique to slow me down so that I could really see what I was drawing. I still use this technique today to do study sketches of the subjects I intend to paint. It is not unusual for me to have a pencil drawing and a painting working at the same time. As a matter of fact, I often have several of both being worked on at once. Working this way keeps me fresh because I canít dwell on, or be too critical of, any one piece as Iím creating at the time. Over the years many people and artists have influenced my work, and me. However, I believe the greatest influence has been God and the creations that He has put all around us. The variety, the vastness, the splendor and the life nature fosters are my inspiration. Then as now, my favorite things to do are to go where there is water and animals: a zoo, an aquarium, a nature center. The way I represent the creatures I see in my artwork is a statement of my continual fascination with the world and its inhabitants. My plans for the future include more paintings of inhabitants of the sea not dolphins and whales but the reef and its denizens, for they, too, are endangered. The variety of colors, textures, shapes and sizes among the reef-dwellers is amazing, and there is plenty of great subject matter there, both the creatures themselves and the environment they inhabit. I have also begun a series of pencil drawings of indigenous people of the world, which I hope to be able to display in full in 2007. A friend who just returned from Africa presented me with a CD of subjects that are really amazing, so there may also be a series of paintings depicting African wildlife in my future. I love to be creative in many media. In my artwork I want to try and preserve nature, wildlife, and its inhabitants as I see them. I love the many colors and textures that our natural worlds and itís many creatures provide. I love predators and especially the raptors that patrol our skies on grace full wings; they are elegant and beautiful to watch as they soar and sail the heavens. I love their form; their power, their color and their screams of defiance as they glide in search of their prey or simply enjoy their environment. The sleek cat as it slinks through the tall grass or under any type of cover as it stalks it prey, getting ever closure for the pounce. I think the eyes speak of what is going on inside and the catís stare is very mesmerizing and at times very intense and piercing. That stare was the reason for drawing the piece ďIntensityĒ, where by showing less I created more tension and the desire in the viewer to wonder what is he staring at with such interest and unwavering concentration. The oceans and the variety of life it nurtures also mesmerize me. I have friends that dive, these friends have brought me back a plethora of images, and those images are as varied as the creatures that inhabit the oceans of the world. The reefs like the rain forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate and I hope that in my painting of these reef creatures I can do them justice and capture their uniqueness, for posterity and all to enjoy. The oceans are filled with such colors, shapes, variety of sizes and texture it ignites and drives my imagination and creativity. I love going to the aquarium, the zoo, the wild Animal Park and rehabilitation centers to be able to study and sketch all of these fantastic animals. I hope that in my artwork I can bring the magnificent unusual aspects of these creatures to all those that view my artwork, and that it stirs within them a desire to help preserve them for all time and for all generations.