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Country: USA  
Michael Beck

    1.Standing Ovation, 2006 oil on canvas 22x29 in. US$ 5000    2.Primary Load, 2006 oil on canvas, 13.5x22.5in. US$ 3400    3.sea View, 2005 oil on canvas 42x52 in. US$ 14,500    4.little Squirt, 2006 oil on canvas 22x16 in. US$ 4000    5.Hanging Out, 2005 oil on canvas 43x64 in. US$ 16,500    6.Mother's Gone Missing, 2005 oil on canvas 48x72 in. US$ 19,500

My work explores the boundaries of what is an acceptable object in a fine art painting. Most still life paintings are filled with objects that have already been assigned an aesthetic value. They are objects most of us would be proud to own. The objects I choose are ordinary, out of use, out-dated remnants of our culture. I like to think of them as archaeological finds. Their oddness is meant to create a sense of confusion or question. A person finding a never-before-seen object on an archaeological dig might feel that same sensation. Each object is presented straight on, forcing the viewer to consider it alone. Isolated in the painting, the objects have no other reference but themselves. And yet they can conjure up references beyond their own experience. They invite flights of fantasy, stories designed by the individual viewer. These stories are the biographies that I try to elicit from the viewer, hoping they gain a new insight about what an object is, or how it can been see. Although it is not particularly evident in the photographs, the boundary between the real world and reality of the painting has been obliterated and the viewer often feels dizzy and about to fall into the work.  




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