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Country: USA  
Michio Ihara 

    Ihara is fortunate artist. Circumstances brought to him a confluence of the best qualities of two different cultures. His unfailing sensibility stems from his Japanese background, as does his impressive mastery of the craft he applies to form his work. His disciplined clear awareness of the artistic means and goals given by our complex industrial society was developed during his contact with the problems of the scientific technology of a most powerful Western industrial nation.

1.Suspended sculpture
New England Medical Center
Boston, MA USA
 Architect: TK&A, Cambridge, MA Structure Engineer: Weidlinger Associates, Steven Varga, Cambridge, MA USA
2000, Gold plated brass, Stainless steel 36' x 27' x 27'

2.Wall sculpture
Rockefeller Center, Int'l Bldg.
New York, NY USA
photo: Andrew Neuhart
Architect: Harrison & Abramovitz Associates, New York
Agent: Staempfli Gallery, NY
1978, Gold plated stainless steel, Stainless steel
35' x 7' x 2', ten panels

Navy pier Wind Chicago, IL USA
3/2.Flossmoor Sculpture Park, Flossmoor, IL USA
 2002, Stainless steel 20' x 8' x 8'

Suspended sculptures
Shinsegae Department Store, Main Branch, Seoul, South Korea
Client: Shinsegae Department Stor, South Korea
2005, Gold & Copper plated aluminum, Anodized aluminum
36 x 24 x 17'






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