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Country: Italy  
Moreno Bondi

    1.ACCORDI DI LUCE, 2004 oil on canvas 130x150 cm.    2.LE SIRENE DI ULISSE 2005 oil on canvas 120x120 cm.    3.PAROLE DI PIETRA, 2005 oil on canvas AND Carrara marble 150x150X10 cm.    4.UOMO OBELISCO, 2001 oil on canvas 130x160 cm.    5.Parole di Pietra, 2005 Carrara marble 50X50X10 CM.





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If a painting, with a powerful figurative impact, is called Prison, Enigma, Angels, Murmurs, Man-obelisk, that probably signifies that the title has been thought up by an artist whose wish it is to reveal and conceal the meaning of his work. However, it is also the artistís wish to make it clear that the work has one meaning, and only one, and thus the range of interpretation is, somehow, to be restricted.


 It is as if everything Bondi depicts has been wrenched out of some mental prison, out of some kind of constraint, from an insufficiency which gives rise to a burning desire.