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Country: The Netherlands  
Rob van Leeuwen

    1.The first fresh clay of the season, 2006 Natural mater and force on canvas, 100x120 cm. EURo 2400  2.a warm heart, 2006 Natural mater and force on canvas 100x120 cm. EURo 2400  3.Fossile of the firebird, 2006 Natural mater and force on canvas. 60x80 cm. EURo 800   4.Debut of the ore vein, 2006 Natural mater and force on canvas, 100x120 cm. EURo  2400





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Although my work looks like paintings, it has nothing to do with the original painting. With traditional painting all the materials are made to be of service for the artist. I however, try to position myself between the materials…I don’t want to work the materials but I want to work with the materials. For that reason I no longer speak of materials but of matter. The criteria for this name for me is that the own identity is not affected but emphasized. The matter present in my studio can be divided in two categories. The first categories is matter not yet influenced by mankind. For example sand from the primal earth layers, volcanic material, clay and several stages of peat. The second categories is matter no longer useful for mankind. For example ash from a woodstove and pieces of glass from a vandalized phone booth. By exceeding the area of use from mankind, the possibility for new, objective values and beauty arises. The four basic elements; earth, water, air and fire can manifest themselves literally in my work. Earth as matter, water, air and fire as creative forces. Other creative forces are for example; gravity, my hands and the interaction between the matter. I try to expel subordination from my work. For example when I use canvas, the canvas can manifest itself as matter and interact with the other matter. It does not just serve as a support for my creativity, but actually participate in the process. Although the earthly character of my work gives it a perishable appearance, it can easily endure the tooth of time.