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Country: Austria  
Walter Nadler

    1.transcendental computer painting 1,  2005 wallsculpture Carton 9x60x80 cm.    2.transcendental computer painting 2,  2005 photography Kodak Endura Metallic 50x70 cm.    3.transcendental computer painting 3, 2007 photography Kodak Endura Metallic 50x70 cm.   4.transcendental computer painting 4,  2006 photography Kodak Endura Metallic 50x70 cm.    5.transcendental computer painting 5, 2007 photography Kodak Endura Metallic 50x70 cm.    6.transcendental computer painting 6,  2005  wallsculpture Carton 9x60x80 cm.

It is the way the brain works, which lets us differentiate between past and future. In order for us to understand the world, we have to follow these patterns. This, however, does not mean that the world is how we experience it. (Julius Fraser)
CROSSING Every situation in our life causes a physical change in the brain. Within fractions of a second new connections are being established and together with memories the understanding of the world changes. Our neural structures and patterns rotate constantly. Neural patterns are never fixed and rigid, the connections are constantly formed and ever changing. Through collecting new experiences and emotions together with previous knowledge the connections break up and new ones are being built. Through this procedure new, until now unknown representations of the world, are being constructed and reconstructed. In his work, the artist uses the flow of time and the interweaving of life as his main themes. Walter Nadler visualizes, on the one hand, the constant flowing of time, perception and change on the other hand the escape of continuity of time, stagnation.




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