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Country: Israel  
Abramovich Patricia

    1.summer 2, oil 70x80 cm us$ 3650    2.paysage 2, oil 70x80 cm us$ 2500    3.lilach road, oil 80x70 cm us$ 2000    4.between the trees, oil 80x70 cm us$ 2500    5.yellow flowers, oil 100x80 cm us$ 2000    6.rondo 4, oil 80x80 cm us$ 2000   

Art for me is the freedom to create with no boundaries and to express the diversity of color from which the human soul is composed.

Spreading color across a canvas is a means of meditation; I connect with my inner self.

Curious to see the final results of my painting, I usually have no preconceived idea as to what that will be; the colors merge on the canvas on their own. I then use a spatula to paint over them in oil.

When working in water color "aquarelle", I allow the colors to merge with the water in whatever direction they may choose




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