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Country: USA  
Cathy Warnecke

    1.Misty Smokies 2006 the Smokey Mountains in TN and color is beautifully blue scenery and mountains with fog mist    2.Frigid 2008 winter image of frozen tree and surroundings done in beautifully two tone colors blue and creme    3Desolation 2006 old grey barn with 2 pink tulip trees next to barn with tall grasses in front of barn    4.Appalachian Falls I 2006 waterfalls with lots of greenery surrounding the falls trees grasses rocks    5.Trees 2006 trees with lovely golden orange leaves in the fall of the year    6.Grand Canyon Beauty 2006  the Grand Canyon AZ Huge rock formations with golden clay deep pinks blue rocks spreading throughout the image Gorgeous huge lengthy rock formations    7.the Colorado River 2006 the Colorado River going thru the Grand Canyon AZ Beautiful blue river running thru the gorgeous rock formations    8.Pink Gladiolias 2006 image of 4 gorgeous huge pink gladiolias closeup with raindrops on them Photographs on Paper 16X20 in us$ 120 20X24 in us$ 225 20X30 in us$ 350 30X40 in us$ 500 Each   





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