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Country: Denmark  
Dorte Bundesen

    1.The hunter 2009 Photo and acrylic on canvas 60x80 cm euro 1200    2.Hello there 2010 Photo and acrylic on canvas 60x80 cm euro 1200    3.Lark at sunset 2009 Photo and acrylic on canvas 60x80 cm euro 1200    4.Dusk  2009 Indian ink and acrylic on paper 47x65 cm euro 800    5.owling wolf 2010 Indian ink and acrylic on canvas 18x24 cm  euro 150    6.Girl on the road 2010 Indian ink and acrylic on canvas 18x24 cm euro 150    

Dorte Bundesen has had exhibitions in several different, European countries such as Germany, Norway, Latvia, Sweden and of course Denmark  her native country.
She has shown her work in both galleries and museums, such as “The Museum of Contemporary Art” in Denmark, Rana Museum in Norway, Sundsvall Museum in Sweden and Dumont Kunsthalle in Köln. She has been the curator of several exhibitions in cooperation with the historical Museum and The Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde, Denmark.
You can characterize the art of Dorte Bundesen by three words: sensitivity, texture and variation.
To take sensitivity first. Whether Dorte Bundesen is painting, making sculpture, graphics or a combination of these, an interest for the fellow human being is apparent. She doesn’t make art for art’s sake. Her priorities lie not in the formal values but in the desire to get in contact with the viewer. Her work often has a religious dimension. Non in a strictly Christian sense but as a willingness to delve into man’s ancient wish to understand his surroundings. One therefore often finds references to angels, saints, praying people and Mother Earth figures to the whole repertoire of symbols and magical artefacts which man has revered at all times and wherein lies the origin of all art.
With a curiosity and an artistic appetite as big as that of Bundesen it doesn’t come as a surprise that she not only paints. Sculpture, graphics, photography and even installation are but some of the genres she has tackled. There is no point in limiting yourself when so many things remain untried. Considering her working method the collage comes natural to Dorte Bundesen. With a mixture of photos, graphics, textiles and all kinds of stuff found in containers or in the heap of discarded material Bundesen creates works of great strength and unfailing good spirits bound together by animated and temperamental brushstrokes. She shows an appetite for life which most certainly rubs off on the spectator.
Tom Jřrgensen, editor of “Kunstavisen”




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