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Country: UK  
Maria Mucharska

    1.Autumn Crops, 2010 Acrylic and mixed media on wooden board 45.5x38 cm gb 350    2.Bouquet from edge of my garden, 2010 Acrylic and mixed media on wooden board Part of series as above 46x50.5 cm gb 450    3.Twenty past Two, 2010 Acrylic and mixed media on streched Canvas 50x60 cm not for sale    4.Autumn Crops 2, 2010 crylic on board Part of series as above 50x75 cm gb 450    5.For you Mum, 2008 acrylic on str Canvas 40x50 cm gb 450    6.This is not Goodbye, I'll See You Later, 2010 Acrylic and mixed media on stretched canvas 103x103 cm not for sale

Autumn Crops, this painting is one from the 'Chain series', with flowers. To create this piece, I purchased many vintage and antique chains necklaces from eBay Car Boot and Jumbo sales, and then continued on with a series of paintings. The main medium which I used is acrylic, I also used PVA glue Yacht varnish to fill gaps between the chains and to make them permanent by gluing them to the board which at the same time added an extra effect and dimension the entire piece was then finished and completed with a coating of matt varnish.
Twenty Past Two, that was the time which popped into the mind of my partner a year before it happened! This was not the first time my partner has sensed the final moment of somebody he loved. For who or which day of the above remained a mystery until that moment arrived. On the 26th January 2010, an appointment was made for a vet to visit and to put to sleep our beloved dog Starlet Gwiazdeczka. When the vet and assistant said they would arrive at 2o clock, we already knew what time it was actually going to be. The vet was late and gave Starlet the injection at exactly twenty past two. It was heart breaking! Starlet was our beloved pet, who will always be with us in our hearts and minds, we miss her so much.

This is not Goodbye, I'll See You Later,
this painting I am dedicating to my beloved dog Starlet Gwiazdeczka. In this piece you will see a small depiction of her life and her personality so you see all around her the nature which she absolutely loved on sunny days she would stay in the garden for ages not wanting to come indoors laying in her favourite spot in a corner under a conifer, viewing the whole garden. She loved all animals and protected the birds that lived in the nest boxes and those that often flew in and visited for food. It is quite interesting how birds knew her by safely eating on the netting bridges above her head jumping all round her. Fluffy bears and footballs were her best and favourite toys but about footballs is a separate and special story she absolutely loved them!






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