work on display
     2 / 2010


Country: USA  
Marina Reiter

    1.Beyond Perception, Oil on canvas 24x18 in us$ 450    2.Destination Unknown, Oil on canvas 30x24 in us$ 520    3.Fields of Gold 1, Oil on canvas 24x18 in us$ 450    4.Fields of Gold 2, Oil on canvas 24x18 in us$ 450    5.Tales of Endless Summer, Oil on canvas 48x36 in us$ 2,800    6.Winter Tales, Oil on canvas 40x30 in us$ 1,500  


My art is about the interconnectedness of things, our complex interactions and relationships, six degrees of separation, and celebration of everything that unites us and pulls us apart. The joyful colorful creatures that I paint are very much the “learning, playful souls” that Richard Bach wrote about. We enter this world to reach out and connect. We are not bound by space and time. We fly for the sake of flying; we live because we love life. We touch, we teach, and we learn from one another. Sometimes these connections are happy, sometimes quite odd, but that's what makes life colorful, joyful and beautiful.






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