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Country: USA  
Sona Mirzaei

    1.Enigma of Euryphaessa, 2010 Mixed Media on canvas oil  acrylic foam board fabric metal flakes and butterflies 48x48 ft us$ 10,000    2.Her Grace with Cocktail, 2010 Mixed Media on Canvas Oil Feathers Rhinestones Glitter 40x60 ft us$ 10,000    3.Panthea’s Dream, 2010 Three piece series Mixed Media  on canvas oil acrylic metal flakes and butterflies 12x30 ft us$ 6,000    4.Song of Sarasvati, 2010 Mixed Media on canvas oil acrylic and fabric 36x48 ft us$ 10,000    5.Tree Party, 2009 Mixed Media Foam board medium heavy body acrylic fabric rhinestones sequins glitter and metal 30x40 ft framed 36x46.2 ft us$ 10,000    6.Passions Prevail, 2009 Foam board liquid and medium heavy body acrylic 30x40 ft framed and matted 40.2x50.2 ft us$ 8,000   





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