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Country: Romania  
Francisc Chiuariu

    1.LIVING IN NETWORK A new world 2009 acrylic on canvas 110x95 cm euro 1700    2.LIVING IN NETWORK Eco riders 2009 mixed media on backlit 170x70 cm euro 2000    3.LIVING IN NETWORK Snow white and 7 dwarfs 2009 acrylic on backlit 85x110 cm euro 1500    4.LIVING IN NETWORK My name is John 2009 acrylic on canvas 180x240 cm euro 4000    5.LIVING IN NETWORK Do you love me mother? 2009 acrylic on canvas 240x180 cm euro 4000    6.LIVING IN NETWORK Free zone 2009 acrylic on canvas 220x140 cm euro 5000   


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