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Country: South Korea  
Young-Ae Yi

    1.Beyond the city, 2014 acrylic on canvas 117x91 cm.    2.Beyond the landscape, 2014 watercolor and acrylic on Korean paper 120x90 cm.    3.Beyond the myth, 2012-2014 acrylic on canvas 117x91 cm    4.Happy Messenger with The Myth, 2013 C-print on paper 47x70 cm.    5.Happy Messenger with the myth I, 2013 acrylic on canvas 30x45 cm.    6.Happy Messenger With The Myth II, 2013 C-print on paper 45.5x53 cm.  7.Happy Messenger with the myth III, 2013 Mixed media on paper 76x106 cm.   8.Beyond the myth 140901, 2014 acrylic on canvas 53x45.5 cm.   9.Garden Of Thoughts 20100606, 2010 Watercolor and iron plate onmpaper 60x90 cm.

Artist Statement

We see by what we know, because we are as humans that we can't know everything. And we keep the our way looking at the things through the filter of our mind. Everything has meanings deeper more than we know. I want to talk about the other side characteristic of things, and it may seems different-looking through a filter with looking glass of my artworks.


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