1. medial Global Art Annual
   30.06.05     30.06.06


Country: Canada  
Ansgard Thomson

    1.Golden Shield, Archival Paper and Ink, Epson Archival Matte 16.5x11.7in., 13.5x11in., US$250.00     2.Cloning of Life, Archival Paper and Ink 13x19in, German Etching 310mgr, !3x13in., US$250    3.Millennium Artist, Archival Paper and Ink310mgr 13x19 in, Epson Archival Matte, 15x11.6in,.US$250.00    4.Terror from the Sky, German Etching 310mgr 13x19in., (Dark) /Archival Paper and Ink16.5x11in., US$250.00






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1. Golden Shield #3/5: was created digitally with the computer in Photoshop and printed archival with Epson2000P in 2005

2. Cloning of Life #2/5 was created digitally with the computer in Photoshop .Was printed archival with Epson 2000P in the year 2000. (Won Award from NASA)

3.  Millennium Artist #2/5 was pixel painted digitally in Photoshop .It was printed archival in 2001

4.Terror from the Sky 32/5 created from digital photographs from my flight back from New York after 911 and collaged with digital images created in Painter