1. medial Global Art Annual
   30.06.05     30.06.06


Country: USA  
Estelle Carraz-Bernabei

    1.Firmament 40X40 in. mixed media on canvas    2.Sacred Prana 60X60 in. mixed media on canvas    3.Voie Lactee (Milky way) 40X40 in. mixed media on canvas    4.Cosmologie 40X40 in. mixed media on canvas






   3.    4.
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I received my B.F.A. at the American College of Applied Arts in 1994. Creating artwork has always been part of my life. My ambient abstract paintings are a composition of mixed media. Oils, acrylics, watercolors, charcoals, clays, pastels, & gels…are just to name a few. I love combining them, adding up to seven layers of paint on some of my pieces, which I seal with a glaze or lacquer. Energy, emotion and organic cosmic elements are subjects I really deliberate over. My work has always been about taping into the free spirit within. I combine improvisational painting techniques, which blend ambient movements with freeform abstracts, which has set me on my own path. Recently, I have been mentally gathering color palettes and energy from my recent trips around the world. My most memorable one to date is my trip to French Polynesia, the colors were amazing and everywhere I went all I could smell was vanilla and exotic fruits- so with that in mind I created the wonderful series “Pacific Journeys”. As I visited the Dominican Republic I created the “Cloudburst” series. Surrounded by the deep blues of the ocean and azure sky inspired my paintings. Europe, the deserts of Arizona, the Pacific Northwest all have amazing colors and textures. I love all the places I visit. My journeys help to expand the creative edge I need to express the energy and the emotions that I feel inside. “I see beauty in the most simplest things in life. The warmth of the people, the spices, the colors, the history, and of course the wonderful cosmic nature & life that surrounds them. When I mesh all theses elements, I come up with a organic energy sphere, kind of like an aura of the place I have been. I want others to feel the energy I feel thru visual contact. The eyes are the windows to the soul, with that in mind, expression thru my art is like going on a journey with me.” Voila, that explains it!I also use a lot of wood panels, which are very organic, “Sometimes it takes a month to find the perfect piece to suit my project.” My freehand brushstrokes are applied on canvas like icing. Layers and layers of smooth, cosmic hues, with lots of blues, greens, earth tones and drips of white are meshed together in organic shapes and textures. All my wood pieces are then glazed for a day for that extra special shiny finish. Yet within one of my paintings you will always find some sort of swirls. Sometimes you might even find some words of wisdom or poetry. But as my journeys expand so does my work, always finding new ways to create my pieces of ambient abstract art